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Will Video Interviewing Replace The Traditional CV?

Will Video Interviewing Replace The Traditional CV?

In today’s world, the most forward-thinking businesses are the ones who are exploring ways to enable their employees to feel more confident in the workplace, ensure they think for themselves with their own brand of business sense.

As an ever-increasing trend, this means that in the future jobs will be aimed towards bright, independent thinkers that are resourceful, creative and take their own initiative.

Whilst previous job experience and educational qualifications are still somewhat important, they are renowned for not being the best certification of character and skill.

Personality traits such as attitude, behaviour and competence is increasingly becoming more and more important in the workplace, especially recruitment departments.

Due to this increase in considerations when seeking to employ someone, the entire recruitment process will become harder to balance and maintain. If management is looking for complicated people, the process to find those people will be complicated in itself.

This will not be made easier by the ever-growing amount of applications recruitment departments receive per vacancy.

Always Be Thorough

When you’re an active team member in a recruitment department, handling large volumes of job applications, it can take days and even weeks in some cases to sort through and organise all the resumes, constantly attempting to maintain a level of focus when selecting applicants for the next interview stage.

Although it’s proven that personality tests and character assessments are useful during recruitment processes, they cannot be used during the initial stages of the application process as they take time and resources that are not usually available.

Consequently, recruiters will have to make their first decisions based on resumes alone or, if in doubt, can invite applicants to attend screening interviews which again, depends on a companies available resources.

All in all, this is a rather inefficient process.

Too much time is used up and it goes without saying that a large number of talented and worthwhile applicants will slip through the net when using this recruitment method, simply because they didn’t make the grade on paper.

On the other hand, many applicants who are not suitable for the job, may make it to the interview stage when they really shouldn’t have.

Utilizing Automated Video Interviews

When considering what tools are available to recruitment departments, the answer becomes simple. Video interviews.

Imagine the following…

Candidates are able to record themselves in video format, stating facts or answering predetermined questions that compliment their resumes. Applicants would be able record themselves using any type of camera, such as a smartphone camera, webcam or portable camera and recruiters would be able to analyse the information in a couple of minutes.

This is roughly the same amount of time recruiters would analyse a resume, but they would receive a sample of character and personality, like you would if in a screening interview.

Powerful stuff right!

It goes without saying that this method of pre-screening candidates can save countless man hours by minimising phone conversations as the videos would answer all the questions a recruiter has requested, eliminating the need for them to repeat themselves 100+ times.

As every applicant would be in the same position under the same circumstances and answering the same questions, video interviews would allow the first stages of a the recruitment process to be completely fair and unbiased.

The pre-screening process would be the perfect balance between efficiency and accuracy for recruiters and HR Managers

Looking To The Future

As technology improves, so does the ability to handle large amounts of data alongside the means to analyse that information.

When used in the right way, technology would help recruiters build an accurate yet complicated profile of an applicant, easily created using specialized software.

As far as the software is concerned, all the data it needs comes straight from the candidates.

Even in the present day, Human Resources departments are implementing facial recognition technology to analyse video interviews, reading facial expressions of the applicants, allowing the software to determine personality traits.

Some companies have already been known to hire individuals based on this data.

In laymen terms, the future of the recruitment sector is fast approaching. Specialised computer programs will be streamlined, allowing them to create complex yet accurate candidate profiles, simply by analysing primary video interviews to see how they respond to and answer predetermined questions.

In conclusion, the entire process exists to take as much information as possible from the potential candidates in the shortest amount of time, simply to understand their characters clearer.

Regardless of whether this is done through computer systems or through a recruiter analysing a video, the result remains the same.

Personality is a key factor when it comes to recruiting the right person and not about what is written on a resume or CV.

It’s time for companies to start hiring individuals based on who they are and using the simple method of video interviewing to help with this challenge.


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Video Interviewing Preparation Tips

Video Interviewing Preparation Tips

Video interviewing can be nerve-racking for some of us.  There are many things that enter our minds when preparing for a video interview such as what attire to wear, what questions are going to be asked and what if we accidently skip a question.

Yet video interviewing is not that different from a live face-to-face interview.

In fact video interviewing has been proven to be less stressful than live interviews as the interview can be conducted in familiar surroundings (at home).

There are many advantages for candidates when it comes to one-way video interviewing.

You can:

  • Apply for the interview at your own time and location
  • Record at your own pace and time
  • Have your CV to hand to refer to should you need it
  • Prepare yourself for the process
  • Avoid travel costs and time

Here are some useful video interviewing preparation tips.

What should I wear for a video interview?

Business attire is always recommended. You should look professional. Would you wear your pyjamas to a live interview?

For women a high cut blouse with the option of a suit jacket is ideal.

For men a buttoned shirt, tie and a suit jacket would be appropriate.

Clothing colours is worth consideration. While whacky, paisley prints might be acceptable when applying for a creative role such statement wear would be best avoided if applying for a vacancy with a law firm. A dark blue suit may better serve in such circumstances.

Ultimately, what you wear projects an image so keep this in mind when preparing to record your video interview.

Clean, clear background

Do not record the interview with a window or light source behind you as it will cast a shadow.

Take a look around the area where you are going to record your video interview. Is it time for a quick spring clean?

Probably best to avoid filming the dishes piled up by the kitchen sink!

We recommend filming against a wall as this will avoid any distraction and keep the recruiter focused on you. Basically, the background should be clean and tidy in order to project a professional image.


Conducting the video interview during daytime hours is ideal as there will be plenty of natural light. This will optimise video clarity and quality.

If you record the video interview in the evening ensure the room is well lit. If you have a table lamp try positioning it so as to provide good lighting on your face, without blinding yourself!

Check your computer or laptop microphone and web cam settings. Ensure that they are working correctly by performing a Skype call with a friend or family member provides a good test.

Make sure that your audio is clear and the volume is sufficiently high.

Your web camera should be at eye level and is worth giving it a quick wipe to remove any dust.

Try placing your laptop on top of some books to reach eye level as there is nothing worse than looking down at the camera.

How soon should I complete the interview?

We suggest you apply as soon as possible. This indicates your enthusiasm and interest. If you receive an invitation for a video interview in the morning try to complete it before the next day. We recommend submitting your video interview within 24 hours.


Be positive and upbeat during the interview. This is your opportunity to shine and impress. Video interviewing is not a barrier to landing your dream job, it can actually help you in your quest!


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