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Social Media Recruiting Strategies Every Recruiter Needs

Social Media Recruiting Strategies Every Recruiter Needs

In today’s modern world, everything and everyone is connected. Only a very small percentage of people would be confused at the mention of a smartphone or social media and the impact this technology has on the recruitment industry, which is massive. And something that has started to become more popular in the recruitment industry is social media recruiting.

More and more businesses around the world are coming to the realisation that posting a vacancy advertisement on a job board is not going to have the same results as it did a decade ago.

Recruitment and Human Resource departments are becoming more and more vital within organizations and it’s crucial that employees maintain a brands image by creating and upholding a strong, positive social media presence.

With social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, increasingly growing in popularity around the world, recruitment departments have realised the developing potential to recruit the best individuals they can.

In a recent 2016 survey, 47% of the interviewed recruiters stated that social media was the best platform for hiring new talent.

Each social media platform has its own niche, set of features and options that can be utilized to create new and engaging ways to recruit. Combine video interviewing software with social media and you will have the ability to only recruit the best.

To give you a welcoming hand into this booming industry, here are our top social media recruiting tips that will ensure that you make full use of what’s on offer.


This platform had to be top of our list. Renowned as the Facebook of the business world, LinkedIn is designed for candidates to maximise their opportunities.

One of the greatest features on this social media site is the implemented employee referral system.

When employees of a company refer someone or in a situation where a recruiter finds a strong, suitable candidate, they can connect instantly using the dedicated InMail feature.

By allowing recruiters and candidates to directly communicate, conversations become a lot more personal and engaging, which is a great way for recruiters to see a deeper side to a candidate, much more efficiently than just reading a resume.

It’s possible to educate your recruiters to efficiently search LinkedIn for suitable candidates using predetermined keywords and search terms to match what position or vacancy is available.

linked in job search for social media recruiting

The more ‘connections’ your recruiter has, the larger your search range and therefore, the more likely you are to find the perfect person for your role.

It’s highly recommended that you advise your recruiters to join groups on the site and engage with its members to increase and improve your brand image. It’s also advised that they target the top people in the industry.

To ensure your company page is operating to its full potential, optimise your page with keywords that your potential candidates may use in their searches.

Only posting company content in the hope that the best applicants will find you is simply not enough.

Read through your existing and any future content you are posting with your members of staff to guarantee that it’s giving across the exact message you want it to conceive.

When it comes to the content itself, communicate with your future job seekers and give them the relevant information they will be looking for in a potential employer.

This kind of information can include, but is not limited to, the culture of your company, your company’s values and mission statements as well as any benefits they may have if working for your company.

When you are sharing content, which includes company information, including vacancies, make sure you remain straight to the point and keep all information clear and concise.

When setting up the appearance of your page, make sure it’s engaging to people and easy for them to navigate around.

Your goal here is to encourage your potential applicants to research your company and want to be a part of it!


Facebook is recognised for being the largest social media network in the world and therefore is a great tool that can also be used by recruiters and HR Managers.

This is a highly competitive platform and to ensure you remain one step ahead of the competition, organise a strict scheduling plan that allows your company to post to the page on a regular basis.

Share any company news posts as well as news and updates for your relevant industry to demonstrate that you are an authority in your industry.

Another great recommendation is that you share blog articles from your own website and provide information regarding any upcoming company events. You may event want to post upcoming job vacancies within your company.

Another strategy to action and to achieve a successful Facebook page is by encouraging your employees to create and share company content on their own social media profiles, allowing your company to spread brand awareness whilst directing their followers to your company’s page.

coca cola social media recruitment strategy

If you are a company that produces and sells products, your employees could also share information regarding these products.

It’s important that you connect your potential customers to your company’s brand through social network pages because it creates a sense of credibility and value, a method, which once again boosts your brand image and follower range.

Consequently, you can attract great potential career applicants by selling the image that all your company is full of employees that value and enjoy working for your company and have a passion for their jobs.


Tweets are well known for their short social media lifespan. To make sure your company tweets reach the masses, you need to ensure your company page has followers and plenty of them!

By increasing your follower count, you are creating more interest for your brand, which in turn, will allow you to have a broader range of applicants when it comes to recruiting. BUT… It’s imperative that you build your follower base first.

Use the built in search features found in Twitter to find and locate prospective applicants which suit your job requirements, and who are qualified for your role then simply click the follow button on their profile to notify them that you have found them.

This alone may draw attention to your brand as well as encourage them to follow back and possibly communicate with your company.

It’s important to note that when using social media as a recruiting platform, it’s vital that you remain human and keep a personal touch to your postings at all times.

One of the biggest downsides to social media is spam and posting unrelated or uninteresting content where potential job seekers quickly lose interest in a company, which can eventually lead to them un-following your page.

Ensure, especially on Twitter, that you don’t just post job advertisements or content from your company page.  This will give the impression to followers that you are heavily trying to promote yourself.

As with Facebook, share engaging and informative content such as industry news and updates, connect with your followers by commenting and favouring tweets that they post and, in some cases, even by creating or sharing memes and gifs relating to your industry which can boost followers and page engagement massively.

To create a successful Twitter profile, it’s recommended that you invest in multiple accounts. An example of this would be an official Twitter page for your company alongside separate accounts for recruiters and your existing employees.

Invest in training your existing employees so they can get involved and can become to driving force of your social media presence. This can be achieved by educating them on social media and by giving them tips and advice.

startbucks social media recruitment strategy example

Allow your employees to communicate their personal experiences in your company to followers, giving them the opportunity to state what makes your company so amazing to work for, complimented by their passion for the company and how they got to where they are today.

Drawing focus to your recruitment teams, allow them the opportunity to undergo keyword research, which they can utilize to create credible and engaging hashtags.

This will result in more company interest and an increased amount of followers. By creating a strategy in which to use these hashtags, you will increase company page traffic, draw more brand awareness and include them in posts such as job vacancies and direct followers to your company website, allowing you to advertise company events, such as live tweet chats.

By creating events such as these, you will be able to vastly increase your social media range, allowing you to connect with more followers with similar interests to your company.

Your employees are the cogs in your company’s machine and are so important when it comes to processes such as these.

Give them the opportunity to engage with followers and administer the live tweet chat events on the subjects that they are knowledgeable and most passionate about.

When creating these events set a theme around a relevant industry or company topic like an upcoming launch or existing product or a piece of exciting, industry related news.

When these live chats are underway, ensure you create a database or list of qualified potential candidates and organise when are going to communicate with them, explaining that you have upcoming job opportunities you will believe they could be perfect for.


Instagram is quite possibly the most personal social media platform. The whole purpose of the network is to catch a snapshot into someone’s life just by viewing their page and the same can be said on an Instagram company page.

Your followers and potential followers want an insight into company life.

Instagram is a visually heavy social platform and is very unique compared to other social networks.

Used wisely, you are able to give your company a visually engaging brand image and, in some ways, a personality that people can relate to.

To engage with followers efficiently, post regular updates that effectively communicates your company’s culture as well as the values of your business.

You could even post short videos or use the Instagram Stories feature when out on team building days and during company celebrations.

Once again, get your employees involved. This can easily be achieved by allowing them to share quick, catchy descriptions or biographies of themselves alongside a photo of them at work.

ikea instagram social media recruitment strategy example

Ensure that you take photos that truly capture the lively and engaging work environment that your company has.

This creates the impression to your followers that your company is a fun and light-hearted place to work.

When engaging with followers and communicating more informative on your brand image, include snapshots of product launches and even host light-hearted competitions or giveaways.

This will massively increase traffic to your page and attract more customers to your company.

All of this combined will draw focus to potential applicants and candidates, giving them a sneak peek into what sort of company they could be working for.

Let’s reflect on what we have learnt today

As you can see, social media can be extremely effective when it comes to increase brand and company awareness, increase sales and website traffic and can revolutionise the way you recruit for your business.

As stated in the paragraphs above, it’s crucial you let your employees get involved. The vast majority of these people will have already had some sort of experience in social media and most of them will have accounts of their own.

They know what to look for and how to give the best impressions of themselves, which can easily be translated and used to benefit your company.

Host meetings and let everyone be a part of the process. Not only will this process benefit the company online but it will also bring your existing teams together, increasing moral and the overall workplace atmosphere.

Missed Something?

Are you using a social media recruitment strategy that we haven’t mentioned above? If so then why not share it with us and our fellow readers in the comments section below.


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